torstai 24. marraskuuta 2011

Regina - Ui mun luo

Helsinki based pop trio Regina has released (in the internet) "Ui mun luo" (Swim to Me) from their previous "Jos et sä soita" (If Don't You Call Me) -album. The album is one of the best finnish performances of the year, and it sounds same time like 90's shoegaze and modern pop which I think is the nice combination.

Mikko -and Iisa Pykäri with drummer Mikko Rissanen have released three albums under the name of Regina. Mikko Pykäri have too a nice 80's dream pop duo Shine2009 with Sami Souva and I think it is the reason why Regina can now make the music they are made for. Elegant and easy going indie pop.

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